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(Photo: United States Department of Agriculture)

After starting the year with warnings about the negative effects of climate change on the world’s major cocoa producing countries, now we have more to worry about. Texas Public Radio ran this concerning report: Montana Barley Fields Become Front Line For Climate Change And Beer. The story notes:

A bumper sticker spotted in Montana reads, “No barley, no beer.” It’s a reminder that Montana’s barley farmers are struggling. Barley is an unforgiving crop that needs a precise recipe of water and sunshine to thrive — too much of either will cause it to wither and die. And amid a changing climate and unpredictable seasons, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Yikes! When will this end? Even crazier and more alarming is how farmers in these Red States where barley is grown won’t publicly use the term “climate change” because, well, what the hell is their reason for not acknowledging what scientists are telling us? It makes no damn sense.

But here’s the deal: If we’re facing the potential to live in a world without beer and chocolate, that better be taken seriously, neighbors.

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