Address: 629 Krenek Stryk Rd.
Schulenburg, Texas 78956
Telephone: 979-561-8468
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Stryk Jersey Farm was founded in the 1940′s by John Stryk, who ran the farm until 1980.  John selected Jersey cows because they are hardy and very efficient.  Jersey cows also produce milk that is high in protein. After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Dairy Science, Robert Stryk, John’s youngest son, bought into the family business and began improving the dairy with a new milking parlor and full registration of the pure bred Jersey herd.  In 1986, Bob married Darlene Pavlicek.  The couple’s 310 acre farm is home to 60 Jersey cows and an additional 50 heifers.

Several years ago, Bob began thinking about better ways to utilize his Jersey milk.  After discussing the possibilities with producers all over the country, he decided that Texan’s shouldn’t rely on other states for the cheese they eat. Bob studied cheese production techniques and even helped start a cheese plant in Schulenburg, but he wanted to create a more diversified market for Texas dairy products.  He visited several small cheese plants and studied how they marketed their products. . . Bob began experimenting in his kitchen.  He bought a 40 pound block of cheddar cheese, some wax and cookie cutters in various Texas and holiday shapes.  He cut large shapes and small shapes of cheese then sealed them in red, blue and green wax.  At Thanksgiving, Strykly Texas Cheese sent out its first sample box of Texas cheese shapes.  Through word of mouth, Strykly Texas Cheese sold over 300 pounds of cheese by Christmas, primarily as gift baskets.  Since then, the business has grown steadily through sales to hotels, florists and caterers who use the Texas shapes to liven up their special occasions.

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