RöstHaus Kleiner – Espresso Tamper – Osage Orange


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Price: $72.00

We turn these tamper handles from carefully selected domestic and exotic hardwoods. We finish our handles using a friction polishing techniques. Using only all natural renewable resources shellac, linseed oil, walnut oil and other natural products. This finish strictly adheres to established food safe standards and qualifies as non-toxic and food safe. After the finishing process is complete, we apply a non-toxic wax which is a blend of natural beeswax, carnauba wax and citrus oils. Finally we buff the handle to a clear, hard, satin finish. Our tampers feature 304 stainless steel hardware and bases that will never rust or corrode. NOTE:Wood grain will differ from handle to handle.

NOTE: We are currently updating our stock of tamper bases. Tampers bases are available in many other sizes upon request. from 49mm-58mm. Please inquire if you do not see your size on our stock list.

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