Exotic Hand Turned Tulipwood Ring Dish


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This Ring Dish is a hand turned dish made from exotic Tulipwood. Each of my bowls are signed, numbered and dated (year). They are finished with a friction polish that’s applied while still on the lathe. Size 3 1/2 – 4 inches in diameter and 3/4 to 1 inch overall height. TULIPWOOD – (Dalbergia frutescens) other names are bois de rose, Brazilian tulipwood, jacaranda rosa, pau de fuso, pau rosa, pinkwood. Tulipwood grows 20′ to 35′ high and less than 16″ in diameter and the growth is slow, with trees taking as much as centuries to mature even though they are quite small. Tulipwood’s heartwood is cream colored to salmon colored but dominated by stripes of red, violet, purple and rose — generally the red streaking dominates. The sapwood is yellow to yellowish white. Heartwood color fades with age. This is a strikingly beautiful wood. Tulipwood’s name is occasionally confused with the North American tulip tree (liriodendron tulipfera), better known as yellow poplar, but the two have nothing in common, Tulipwood is a true rosewood. There is a fragrant scent reminiscent of flowers when the wood is cut. Tulipwood ranges from northeastern Brazil as the primary source, with some coming from Central and Latin America; Brazil, Colombia, Guyana and Venezuela Tulipwood was a favorite in French furniture in the Empire period but because of the small size and very high cost it is generally found today only in inlays, marquetry, turnery, and other small decorative fancy goods. This is a hand turned item, wood color and grain patter will very. See pictures for examples. Display stand is not included.

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