Address:  PO Box 270355, Flower Mound, TX 75027-0355
Telephone: 817-490-5004
Web Page:


Sold on Saturday mornings at the Coppell, Cowtown (Fort Worth) and Clearfork (Fort Worth) Farmers Markets.


It started out as simply a dream… to produce delicious artisanal* goat cheeses, right here in Texas. In 2005 we were able to purchase 5+ acres and not too many months later we were blessed with our first two ‘girls’, Rosemary and Serenity. These two purebred Nubian does, the foundation of our herd, quickly stole our hearts and became the ‘gran dams’ of what was to become Latte Da Dairy.

The Latte Da goat cheeses and other products are sold at farmer’s markets, such as the Coppell Farmers Market and the Cowtown Farmers Market in Fort Worth. The company can also ship products, but on ice, so there’s significant costs. They advocate for people to buy locally.

Fresh cheeses are best consumed…well…FRESH !!! We encourage anyone interested in great goat cheese to “BUY LOCAL,” from a small local artisan producer in your area who makes their products with the same type of passion and caring that we do here at Latte Da.

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