Soaps, lotions and other body products, like shampoo bars, made by artisans simply abound in Texas. We’ll consider this a first look at some of the best handcrafted soap and lotions. There are many more, we know, and we’ll try to loop back to feature others at a later date.

The ones here each offer something unique, and often natural. It’s all about soaps and lotions (but some candles crept in) that aim to excel and excite. Some serve special niche audiences (sensitive or irritated skin, read on!). Some just make us gasp at their creativity and some caused us a chuckle. Enjoy!

Chloemason Soaps – Celina, Texas

Beautiful, exotic, unique. ChloeMason Soap Co. soaps are all these things. Shown here is owner Sharon Lee’s Salt Soap in Dark Chocolate, Lavender Clove in a Goat Milk-based bar. Wow! This gifty soap is $11.

Scroll through and you’ll find Sweet Lime and Ginger Beer Salt Soap, Wine Soap shampoo bars and Apple Cider Vinegar soap, decked out in a swirly bar with a confetti top. Creative and fun to gift.

There’s also a gift pack of soap, lavender herbal bath salt, loofah sponge and a moisturizing lotion stick. ($39 or $52 depending on how many soaps)

Oatmeal Beauty Store – Fort Worth, Texas

Owner Letitia Bryant is serving those of use with eczema or easily irritated skin. And even if you don’t have issues, you might find these products easy to love.

The Colloidal Oatmeal Gift Set ($35) features a bottle of oatmeal body lotion, two oatmeal soaps (using olive and coconut oil and no SLS and, also sold separately for $7.50 a bar), oatmeal bath with a touch of chamomile and lavender and a soap saver pouch.

Many, many rave reviews for this stuff. We’re bookmarking it.

Lazy Goat Farm – Mineral Wells

This handcrafted soap and lotion seller specializes in goat milk lotions and soaps, in lavender, mango, peach tea tree and many other scents, including a Texas Bluebonnet bar. ($7.25) Customers note the smooth silky feel we’ve come to count on from goat milk soaps.

Speaking of Texas scents, their Lavender Lotion Bar ($7) is made with natural fragrances, shea butter, beeswax and grapeseed and avocado oils. It’s moisturizing and gets great reviews, as do all their products.

Tooth of a Cat – Austin, Texas

These handmade aromatherapy products come with wild and whimsical images. As one customer said, they’re perfect for gifts.
Here’s a soap that’s suited for the times, in a dark way, the Plague Doctor Oatmeal and Shea Butter Soap ($9, choice of scents) and there are many that will appeal to romantics, such as the Mermaid ($7), who comes in lavender/sage or lemon.

We noticed their soy candles too, some in LOTR themes (Mordor, The Shire and Winterfell), for your Lord or Ladyship.

Cranky Owl – Willis, Texas

This soap and lotion and candle-making small company offers a variety of scents. We noticed their Chamomile and Oats Gentle Owlet Lotion, made with those ingredients plus aloe vera and avocado oil, because it can be hard to find a really gentle lotion. Good for little girls and babies. (4 oz. $10)

Their gift sets include a lotion, soap and beeswax candle ($34) in various combinations of herbs and scents, such as Cedarwood, Chamomile, Citrus, Rosemary and Lavender.

Their regular decorative soaps are great for guests.

Every Body Beauty – Burleson, Texas

This shop sells cold process soaps and skincare products, free of synthetic fragrances (in fairness, most of the shops we feature do the same).

They’ve got soaps in many (natural) scents, and we noticed a few products that are less common, such as their Lavender Lotion Face Cream with beeswax, hemp and carrot seed oils (it’s sold in a tin) and their Rose Clay-Tinted Lip Balm ($6). Their lip balms are made with coconut and hemp oils, beeswax and honey and come in cardboard tubes – no plastic! Yay! And wait a minute. They’ve got an aluminum-free deodorant, also packaged in a cardboard tube ($15).

Glass Wing Organic – Houston, Texas

If you’ve been looking for products that use Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which is known to condition and enhance hair and encourage growth, this is your Texas shop. Shampoo and conditioner sets are $22.22. Another product here that aims to help thicken hair and slow shedding is the Fermented Rice Water ($22.22). Rice water’s been used for centuries in Asia as a hair treatment, though the seller notes, this is not a substitute for a medical intervention.

But back to lotions and soaps. They make many soaps, such as Hot Cocoa Shea and Peppermint and Blueberry Scrub Exfoliating soaps ($7.77 a bar) and many body butters, such as Sea Moss & Cocoa Shea Body Butter and Essence of an Empress Royal Body Butter ($18.88 for 8 oz. each).

Flawless Natural Soaps – Allen, Texas

This young soapmaker, Bianca, is committed to allergy-free, ethical beauty products and is taking local farmer’s markets in the D/FW metro area by storm. We want to note that you can buy her soaps, face wash and scrubs online at her website as well.

We tried the Masterpiece Liquid African Black Soap, with raw honey and natural oils, designed to help irritated skin. We found it to be thick, nourishing and truly refreshing with healing olive and hemp oil and spritz of peppermint ($17).

Flawless also makes several bar soaps. We sampled Seamoss Geranium, another bright note in our shower! There are several more and each soap bar is crafted and designed to make a statement ($9 a bar).

Soapopotamus – Grand Prairie

These soaps look delicious, and we mean just that. You could just gobble up these creations that are made to look (and smell!) just like donuts, chocolate bunnies, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes and pizza (??) that inspired them.
Fun for the guest bath, or party favors or just fun.

The mini chocolate donuts here come in a pack of half a dozen ($6). Made with goat’s milk soap, coconut oil and other ingredients.

They’ve also got some tasteful but not in a food way soaps that feature exfoliating bars and distinctive scents like Earl Gray Tea and Bergamot Orange. (These do have fragrances that may be man-made, so if you’re sensitive, inquire.)

With more than 23,000 sales on Etsy, you can probably trust they know what they’re making. Just don’t eat it!

Feto Soap – Austin, Texas

This boutique maker is getting well known in Texas for their lotion bars and sugar scrubs. We’ve sampled some of these and can attest the fragrances are lovely. For both the lotion bars and scrubs ($12 each), you’ve got a choice of White Tea & Ginger, Yuzu Japanese Citrus, Bamboo Sugarcane, Sandalwood Vanilla, Lavender Vanilla and Oatmeal Milk and Honey. We’re remembering why he had a hard time choosing!

Feto also makes soaps, body washes and a beard oil ($25, choice of three scents) and some retro clear kid soaps with toys in the center.

Aurelia Natural – Houston, Texas

Aurelia Natural cultivates a specialty in turmeric soap, scrubs and creams. Turmeric has been said to help with acne, dark spots and aging. It’s the curcumin, an anti-inflammatory, that gives it this reputation, and while it won’t perform plastic surgery and hasn’t been FDA sanctioned, it’s probably pretty good stuff. It’s also known for lightening, over time, darker skin. Lighter skins folks probably won’t see any difference, we’re guessing, though maybe it helps with under eye circles? One can hope. A mainstay for Aurelia is their Skin Brightening Papaya Turmeric ($10.39 a bar).

They offer several other turmeric scrubs and lotions and a large array of body soaps in unforgettable scents like Daisy & Mulberry & Frankincense, Japanese Green Matcha and Alfalfa & Baobab ($6.39 to $10.39 a bar).