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The opening today of Texas actor Jensen Ackles’ craft brewery Family Business Beer Co. is not going unnoticed — even in Germany. Here TVmedia reports: “Supernatural’-Star Jensen Ackles braut ab sofort sein eigenes Bier in Texas.”

(Translated for your convenience) Under the tagline “Saving people, hunting things – the family business” fans of the mystery series ‘Supernatural’ have been celebrating the adventures of brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) for 13 years now . Away from Monsterhatz, Ackles has now established a second foothold in real life, and its own beer brewery / bar called ‘Family Business Beer Co.’ opened. The motto: “Serving people … fermented things”.

Yes, Ackles and his wife Danneel, along with other family members, are now serving “fermented things” from their new establishment on Hamilton Pool Road in Dripping Springs. Danneel’s brother, Gino Graul, is managing overall operations of the brewery, and Nate Seale is the head brewer.

The brewery sits on 15 acres at 19510 Hamilton Pool Road. You’ll find “a wide variety of hand-crafted beers and one of Austin’s finest food trucks.” It’s also a family friendly place, so you might even see Danneel and Jensen’s kids — Justin, Zeppelin and Arrow — running around.

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