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Meet the makers of Texas. We help you find artisans and discover the world of unique products they create. `View profiles of Texas artisans, along with the shops and galleries that carry their handcrafted and small-batch items.

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Texas Artisan connects you to craft markets, festivals and other events. We showcase craft makers who are creating everything from beers and wines to clothing, jewelry and housewares. Find artworks or jams and tamales.

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Texas artisans reflect the rich culture of Texas. We’ll show you events and people who celebrate the influence of Germans, Mexicans, Spaniards, French, African Americans, plus Cajuns, cowboys and cowgirls. Texas embraces it all.


Featured Shop: Texas Hills Leather

Texas Hills Leather is a family business run by Sara and Nick Dowell. For as long as he can remember, Nick has been creating things. As a kid, he never went anywhere without his sketchbook. As he got older, this led him to build furniture and learn leatherwork.

Featured Bar: Fort Worth's Sidesaddle Saloon

This cocktail bar and Texas Tapas spot is deep in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards’ Mule Alley, a collection of bars and restaurants built in the district’s original century-old horse and mule barns.

Featured Brewery: Houston's Karbach Brewing Co.

At Karbach, we focus on a few things that drive our philosophy. First, we think craft beer should be for everyone. We believe most craft beer has grown into a realm of exclusivity – and we don’t buy that way of thinking.

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